We had a lovely time at Tanabata-kai – Star festival  in Amsterdam organized by KyokoKinderKunstklas and Soona last Sunday.
We hosted 
“Star Crown Making” and “Milkyway Painting” Workshops. Atelier Chika Ito prepared Handmade eco inks for both workshops, using the inks made from Red Cabagge (Blue),  Blueberry (Purple), Red Beet (Red), Turmeric and Yellow Ochre natural pigment (Ochre Yellow), Food Coloring (Blue), Red Cabbage + Yellow Ochre pigment (Green), Gold and Silver synthetic pigment (Gold and Silver).
The colors itself were very beautiful, but the children spontaneously combined these colors and created an amazing color mix during the Milkyway Painting workshop. The children stamped and painted the entire canvas using their newly made colors!

Last but not least, we would like to thank Kyoko Inatome for giving us such a wonderful time! If you are interested in Kyoko’s Kids Art Class, take a look at her websiteFor more photos during the event Tanabata-kai, please check here.

先週の日曜日、Flatto81はKyokoKinderKunstKlas+Soonaによる七夕会ですてきな時間をすごしてきました。前回のポストでも書きましたように、私たちは、星の王冠づくりと、天の河のペインティングを担当しました。インクはAtelier Chika Ito による手づくりのエコインクを使用しました。
最後に、こんなすてきな会に参加させてくださったKyokoさん、どうもありがとうございます☆ Kyoko Inatomeさんのクリエイティブなキッズアートレッスンに興味のある方はぜひ KyokoKinderKunstKlas をチェックしてくださいね七夕会の他の写真を見たい方はこちらをご覧ください。

Photography © Fumiko, Henry, Naomi, Emi and Soona​​​​​​​
All images in this blog entry have been published with the explicit permission of the parents of the depicted children. Images may not be used without permission. If you would like to link the images on blogs, articles, etc, please contact us.
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