Handmade Ink
All our ink is sustinable; non-toxic and chemical free. It is made from vegetable based starch (rice starch, flour) and natural color pigments*. There are no additives such as drying agents in the ink. It is more eco- conscious to the environment and to the people using them during the production.
The colours range from fresh, vivid colours to warm, soft pastels. Chika Ito makes each ink by hand, vegetable starch and water in a pan, and combining color (edible, and non edible) into this ink base. Only the necessary amount is made each time. 
*Pigments used for Flatto81 are not hazardous to the environment and water according to EU regulation.

We use high quality paper especially made for screen printing. Also we try to re-use where possible any remaining material from the production of other screen printing artwork created at the atelier.

The paper is hand printed one by one, with much attention and care.
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