Simone of Jacaranda Tree Montessori has been organizing this holiday season craft event for many years.
This year Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas and Flatto81 joined the fun!
We held different workshops for children of 2 to 4 years old during the event.
Simone baked unbelievably delicious gingerbread cookies together with the children. (Recipe here!)
In the workshop of Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas, the children decorated and created a pretty cardboard reindeer.
They also created a Christmas tree using handemade clay made from greentea and flour.
Simone has shared the workshop overview on her inspiring blog, so take a look!
As for Flatto81, we took part in 3 craft workshops.
To make a craft which is also enjoyable and interesting for 2 years old,
we focused on simple techniques for those little hands, and used different materials with textures to stimulate their tactile experiences.
/1/ Weaving a Christmas ornament
Weaving colorful ribbon, felt, mohair wool fringes into a festive ornament.
Different textures and colors gave a delightful accent to create an original ornament!
/2/ Making wrapping paper
By rolling stamps and cork, the children rolled and stamped the tree, star and snow(circle) patterns onto the paper.
Self made wrapping paper using handmade inks ( ink recipe from Atelier Chika Ito) .
The colours were red ink (beet juice), green ink (spirulina) and bronze tempera.
/3/ A snowflake mural painting
A 3m(l) x 1m(h) mural painting using red (beet juice), green (wheat grass), bronze and silver tempera.
We’ve taped a snowflake pattern to take off later, so that the white pattern would reappear after the painting is finished.
At the end of the event, we sang some festive songs all together.
It was a very heartwarming Christmas craft workshop.
We’d like to thank Simone, for organizing such a wonderful event!
And also a big thanks to all the international families for joining the fun.
Collaborator //
Simone Davies/ Jacaranda Tree Montessori Amsterdam
Kyoko Inatome / Kyoko Kinder Kunst Klas
Hiyoko Imai

Emi Tsutsushio & Soonhwa Kang / Flatto81
Images by SimoneHiyoko and Emi
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