In August, Flatto81 organized a Family Workshop ‘Print & Build’ at Nagakute city, Aichi prefecture in Japan.
A very beautiful location in the woods, in a Japanese traditional housing ‘kominka’ where natural light comes in from the all-opened door/window which characterize the minimalistic architecture.
Printing colours using rollers on white paper modules and then building structures with these paper was the theme for this workshop.
Going local, the inks we used were made from Red Shiso (pink) , Kale/Barley Grass (green),  Tumeric (yellow) , Red Cabbage(blue).
We first talked about the ingredients, smelled the colors and then printed them on paper.
You can immediately see that printing with rollers is fun for the kids. We soon had lots of colorful cards hanging above our printing table.
Thank you very much to all the families who joined the event!
8月は愛知県長久手市にて ‘Print & Build’ をテーマに、白いモジュールの紙にローラーで色をのせて、その紙で立体を作る家族ワークショップ家族を行いました。
Collaborator // Big thanks to…
Yuko, Mika, Shimba, Tomoki
Chika & Emi & Soonhwa / Flatto81
Images by MikaK. and EmiT.
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